Environmental-Unfriendly for Environmental-Friendly

Yesterday when I was returning home after getting my lunch from Amara hotel, I met an uncle who looked like “ah beng” at the lift lobby. He disgusted me badly when he started spitting on the floor, though, by the side.

This type of uncivilised action was common but it was still very pissing, especially when the place was quite nicely done. I started flexing a little.

Inside the lift, I noticed he was holding something and a closer look at the items stunned me. He was the distributor for the recycle plastic bags.

Basically, this green life program allows all families to donate away unwanted but recyclable items like newspapers or clothes. Those second-hand goods collectors (garang guni) are not allowed to purchase anything kept inside recycle plastic bags, or otherwise, they would be fined.

The problem is that this program is supposed to be a very meaningful and thanksgiving one, and yet, the organisation has employed someone who is so environmental-unfriendly to do the job. What kind of image are they trying to give?

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