Sick is the Result of Lacking of Sleep

I have been sweating for two days. The flu has totally ruined my weekdays. It is not long before I have managed to fight off another illness and I guess my body system is really weak.

I probably should not be too greedy to take heaty food and perhaps, stuffs from inside the refrigerator when I know well I get sick easily. I have not taken my temperature but I believe I’m not having any fever most of the time.

I’m feeling drowsy at times. So much for my will to fight against illness without taking any medicine since I believe my own body has the better warriors to shrink these evil pests off, it seems to take long time before my recovery. What is more stupid is that my warriors do not get stronger each time after the attacks.

After all, the most important reason I get sick so often is probably due to not having enough rest. No matter how strong a person is, he will eventually get sick if he tries sleeping less than ten hours in three days.

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