Racing Cab

I took a cab just now because I overslept. I could not remember when was the last time I was this rush that I had to donate to the money-sucking cab companies but it was definitely long ago and perhaps, this was the first time in this year.

Anyway, blame it on my sickness. The panadol like usually, would cause me drowsy for more than a day somehow. I was floating throughout the day.

I managed to get the cab near my void deck when some passengers alighted at the next block inside the car park. The driver did not know where ITE Bukit Batok was and thus, I was worrying so much that it could lead to further delay of time. Luckily, he managed to get through his friend or operator and found out it was at Bukit Batok St 21.

It was around 8.55am and I told him I was supposed to reach by 9am. He chose to take West Coast Highway instead of AYE since AYE would be more congested. He took me to a thrilling experience of a car racing and sped up to 140km/h when the road was clearer. His car was simply around a door length behind other cars when he was travelling at 120km/h. I could feel my body flying somehow throughout the journey as he changed lanes again and again.

It took fifteen minutes for him to earn eighteen dollars. Cab drivers could really make good money, except that sometimes they had to risk their lives.

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