Around Three More Months to Leave

I detest being forced to do things. The feeling of being controlled is terrible.

I still cannot face and accept the fact that life is cruel with selfish people everywhere, especially at work.

If you irritate your co-worker while he is having holidays, then you annoy him when he is sick, and while you know you have already succeeded in wrecking his holidays, you jolly-well ask him when his holidays are going to end; what are you trying to show?

This world is never a fair place. For as much as I have been getting used to it, I’m learning to take it easier. When the second, which is also the last holiday, is being screwed up again while others are at a safe distance and comfort zone, I bite my teeth to struggle through the last shit. I want to finish everything and get out fast in order to inhale a cleaner air.

The place where I will submit myself fully to, is somewhere both the boss and colleagues are selfless. There is probably no perfect place like everyone would claim but at least we can seek for the best. In the midst of our finding, we can try to create one.

We have to build our own kingdom in order to help others but providing them a work place with “sense of belonging”.

The strife towards paradise may eventually result a price too high to be paid with many things lost on the way, but if knowledge, perseverance and luck permit, we will leave history.

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