The Hospital Again

My mum has been falling very ill a couple of times every year that we have to send her to the hospital at night. Luckily, there is not much of a major problem so far, except for some long term illness.

Medication may be very advanced in Singapore but it is definitely very costly. There is also a quote saying “You can die in Singapore, but you cannot fall sick there”. Of course this “sick” refers to the major illness like for example, diabetic, heart disease etc.

If you have a dad who has been saving up all these years, your family would probably still face some problems when medication help is needed. So, how about the situation of a fatherless family?

Having a mum who has been working like a bull simply for a very low income which can never match up to a toilet cleaner’s, an elder brother who spent almost every cent each month, and a younger brother who is still waiting for university, it is definitely more than what you can imagine.

I’m being brainwashed to live in poverty, unable to appreciate luxuries and being lack of craving; it simply makes me a very boring person. For a better future, I’m holding tight.

My mum went to the hospital hours ago again. I went there in my stinky jersey right after volleyball to give a sigh of relief when I heard that there was not much problems. For a hundred dollars, my elder brother footed the bill; but what if it was a dozen times more?

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