We Got “Feel”

It is good to follow “feeling” as to allow things to go naturally. But at times, it requires more than “feeling” in order to get things done properly. Feeling can be just an excuse.

For instance, some people always play volleyball using “feeling” and whenever any player plays well, he would claim that he has got the “feel” for that day; likewise, he would blame “feeling” when he does not play well.

What we need more are skill, practice, confidence and concentration. We learn the skill and train often to make it become part of our lives and at the crucial time, we stay confidence and focus, and concentrate in order to execute.

Whenever I just cut my fingernails, I have this terrible fear the ball would tear my skin away from the nails at the tips of all fingers; it happens too often that it has become a phobia. It burdens on my feeling.

If I have the skill, why would I be afraid anything?

The scratches on my spectacle lens are nothing; the swaying of spectacle when I’m moving is nothing; the blocking of my sight by my spectacle is nothing; the old wound on my left calf after the operation is nothing; the pain on my shoulder and knees and the bottom on my feet are nothing; nothing should really matter.

Overall, I’m not a good player because I allow excuses to handicap myself.

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