My Mum got Cheated Again

The frequent celebration resumes again. There is nothing to be surprised about, but it does provoke irritation no matter how all of us have got used to.

My mum suddenly asked if I did encounter pains on my gums. Then, she proudly announced that she had bought a special tube of toothpaste which was recommended by her friend. I almost thought such a product better than Colgate, Oral-B and Darlie existed until she suddenly told me it could be used to apply on pimples, I knew she was conned again. My blood pressure rose to the mountainous area and when she told me it actually cost her thirty bucks, I felt numbed.

Just a while later, somehow she celebrated her great purchase with my younger brother who went online to search for the product, which I was lazy to do. He also realised the box indicated thirty-nine “yuan” (China’s currency) and the conversion rate was around five or six times lesser than Singapore Dollar.

This time, the trickster is a China lady and my mum is not even close to her, but still, are friends. Three other friends of my mum are also being cheated together.

This world is simply too cruel. Those cons are out there to fool old aunties out of their hard-earned money, and indirectly, robbing my money as well.


I’m totally ashamed of him, but more ashamed of myself.

How is it to be a policeman who cannot catch the thieves or a doctor who cannot cure sickness? How about being a laming runner? How do you feel when you cannot perform your duty?



What other else can appear in my mind?

Possible Bone Spurs

Mei Hoe surprised me by bringing her old x-ray films, which I thought she would forget about it. They were about bone spurs and they looked bad.

I saw in a television programme a couple of weeks ago about bone spurs that were causing pains to the bottom of the feet, and the symptoms seemed familiar to mine.

I started having very bad pains during BMT and at that point of time, the top of my feet were seventy percent numbed. I could not walk properly with all the piercing pain upon contacting the ground on the joints and heels. The medical officers did not give me any aid except for excuse statuses and painkillers, and they probably grouped me among those who “chao keng” (pretend sick). I endured all the training like a death-fighter, suffering so badly even during my Signal course, whereby I had to carry the ultra heavy radio man pack set around. I managed to pull through everything and I was in fact very proud of myself. However, I felt very stupid for not being confident enough to talk to the medical doctors to get every injury treated during my enlistment days where medical bill was never a problem.

The numbness has now faded to a mild level; whereas the pains beneath the feet start upon standing for too long, walking over a long distance, jogging for more than 2.4km or carrying heavy loads over just a short distance, though not as painful as years ago when it first occurred.

The fear of the existence of the bone spurs, though probably are only mild ones, frustrates me a lot; I would never want to undergo any operation anymore, nor does my financial status allows me to waste any more money to stall my upcoming plans.

Anyway, I was very touched when Mdm Seet came over to show me concern after she chatted with Mei Hoe.

Indiana Jones at Vivocity

I attended the gathering with my ex colleagues at Vivocity on Sunday, making me a really sinful kid who had done nothing productive over the weekend. It had been quite some time since I last met them and it was really good to be out with comrades who had been showing me with care, concern and respect.

I woke up late, but early enough to make it at around 3.30pm after my lunch. We watched Indiana Jones. There were humours and actions all over the scenes but Ashqi was asking me what the movie was exactly about when the lights came out. Basically, there was no link between the first and last part and I could not really answer him.

The restaurants were too expensive for us and we wasted quite some time deciding what food to take as Food Republic was crowded. Finally I suggested Long John Silver’s but we passed by Carl’s Junior and Terry gave a green light to go inside. I ordered BBQ chicken and I found it normal. Anyway, the French fries sucked and the entire meal was so expensive. Whereas, the size of the burger used to be very big years ago and I totally thought it did not worth the price.

I felt quite stressed after reaching home when I realised there were still many things waiting for me to do.

The Weekend's Long Volleyball

We got to play volleyball on a Friday night again. We had rare visitors like Tze Khit and he even bought my dinner for me – chicken chop. Both of us had stuffs to discuss but to no conclusion yet again. Things were alright for the night except that playing with a sprained finger was a great hindrance.

I spent my Saturday sleeping earlier than usual. Since my mum and younger brother had gone to Malaysia, I dominated the entire room. Waking up early on a Saturday morning was another rare thing. I set my alarm to dance at around seven but I only woke up at eight and I was late for around ten minutes.

It was the last training before the ITE’s tournament. I was merely a vase there. Mingen drove to West Coast MacDonald’s to buy breakfast.

After slacking around for quite some time, I started putting on the tape on my sprained index finger but to realise that I was a cripple. It was only a finger and yet it affected the entire game since even receiving balls required grabbing of all my fingers to keep the arms firm. Alas, I was forced to tape my index and middle fingers together; I got so much better but the pain was still there.

I forgot to bring my water bottle and ended up drenching my thirst with Mingfa’s 100plus. The gassy drinks gave me problems.

My legs were strengthless after the volleyball session around twelve hours ago. Eventually, I started to slack again on the stage and dozed off before the arrival of Mingfa’s C boys. I did not interrupt the training again. When Mingfa was doing the toss-spike to train his boys, I felt helpless since I was really lousy at that and could not offer any help to him, whereas his knees were already badly injured for him to jump too much.

Weitat arrived to join us and I got to warm up a bit with him again. We got to play a set of game before the training ended. Slowly, my tiredness captured my consciousness again and I dozed off on the stage. I was woke up by Weitat to play a dual match with Mingfa and Mingen. With my sleepy head, performance was real bad but eventually my team won a western food treat with a close margin score.

Mingen drove the three of us out to get dinner at the hawker centre and tape at Guardian store. We also got two bottles of water at 7-11, which were sold at insane price. Then, we went back to the school and enjoyed our chicken cutlet together with Oliver.

While waiting for the rest of the people to come for the night game, I dozed off on the stage for the third time. We had great games at night and even though we lost the last game, the high morale was satisfying.

Supper was at Bedok 85. Five of us, inclusive of Jingkun, Mingfa, Weitat and Junyang walked to Weitat’s house to collect his dad’s car. On the way, I felt sick, which left me speechless. When they were advising me to take up driving license before the price increased again, my messy brain made me feel worse.

I frequented my usual western food stall again but this time, I got myself fish cutlet instead of chicken chop. We did not stay for long before leaving for Mustafa. It was a short stopover again before Weitat drove me home.

It was a very good and relaxing weekend and if only everyday was so enjoyable. I was so sinned for indulging totally on volleyball and did not touch any work.

Latest Job Status

Last week, I had confirmed with my superior to work till September. It was after a long struggle that I decided to stay on mainly due to financial issue.

Last Wednesday and Thursday were my last two days at Bukit Batok. Following by making a wasted trip on Tuesday morning, Wednesday was a blessing for the teacher from Jurong Secondary school was a sweet girl. Anyway, I would not have to go down anymore. It was in fact quite relaxing over there, however, the travel part was really sickening.

Things are said to be smoother in future but I anticipate the continuous endless work. I really hope the incoming work is due to my capability, which would be more satisfying even though there would be some unfairness. It could be a blessing instead since work would be recognised.

I hope I can survive till the end. Meanwhile, I want to do up all my websites!

Sprained Licking Good

The volleyball session yesterday turned a bit disastrous. Weitat accompanied me down to Mingfa’s girls’ training after five. The old girls returned. Both of us started playing with Mingen and Tiffany, and it was not long before Mingen spiked a ball too far in front of me and it hit the ground before agitating my index finger on my right hand.

It had been so long since I last sprained any part of my body and I hated the irritating feeling that hindered me from doing well. Since I was wearing my old spectacle which had scratches all over the lens, my visible was not completely clear and it was too late to switch spectacle because it would probably cause giddiness.

The training lasted till night since our usual game starting from the evening was cancelled due to a bitch, and Mingfa was preparing the girls for the upcoming competition.

I had my greatest fun at the end but it was really short.

We did not have dinner together even though Weitat and Mingfa were fine with eating together, knowing that my mum did not cook; since Weitat claimed that his house should have food, I did not want to make him waste his time.

Anyway, I met Meilin and Sisi at the MRT and it was good to have companion on the way. The best thing was that the train was not crowded and thus we managed to get seated comfortably.