Dig and Dig and Dig

I had two days of volleyball again this week.

Tuesday was simply joining Mingfa’s training at ITE. I helped him to train the new girls but to realise that they would need more practising on their own. Mingfa’s C boys came down and I went to wash up after Weitat and Yicheng returned. While waiting for the friendly match to end, I dozed off. We were supposed to leave at 8.30pm but we waited for another forty-five minutes. Dinner was at Queensway.

On Thursday, I brought my weary body down to the hall. It was not long before I got changed and got into concussion by the side, a big smash by the ball hit me. I started playing volleyball with “Ha Ha Har” but training started very soon. Again, I took charge of the new girls but the lack of balls problem was really bad that I was helpless in front of the newbies. Playing continuously, putting on the best movements to set good example for everyone, my legs were softened by the time the night game started.

Atmosphere was a bit weird. I could have played much better but I got to rest longer in future before the actual game. In the end, the remaining nine of us went for supper together at Commonwealth in four cars. The feeling was great.

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