Going to be Jobless Soon

A few days ago, I had sent my superior an email about not renewing my contract after next month. I would be officially declared jobless after then and soon bankrupt.

There has to be sacrifices between money and interest; and I choose the latter because of long term plan.

Jingkun is confident to help me in reducing my work load when term starts again but there are just too many unexplainable and unsolvable problems. I have to blame myself for being too helpful sometimes, or rather, ignorant.

I could have sent the email to my superior later in case I may change my mind but it would be good for him to make proper arrangement earlier. In our cases, not informing is considered as not going to resume; but however, he is probably expecting us to stay on.

Both Mingli and Weitat are not resuming as well, and it would be quite lonely for Jingkun after June. Nevertheless he has to learn to be by himself because it is part and parcel of working life. Things may not be that bad if the rest of our “gang” are professional in their work. This is one of the reasons why I do not wish to stay on, which I have classified as a sensitive issue which I’m not able to let my superior know.

I merely included reasons like my urge to create my own websites and that I was unable to accomplish tasks up to my own expected standard but I did not mention the causes because I did not want to be seen as complaining.

I’m going to miss many people!

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