Indiana Jones at Vivocity

I attended the gathering with my ex colleagues at Vivocity on Sunday, making me a really sinful kid who had done nothing productive over the weekend. It had been quite some time since I last met them and it was really good to be out with comrades who had been showing me with care, concern and respect.

I woke up late, but early enough to make it at around 3.30pm after my lunch. We watched Indiana Jones. There were humours and actions all over the scenes but Ashqi was asking me what the movie was exactly about when the lights came out. Basically, there was no link between the first and last part and I could not really answer him.

The restaurants were too expensive for us and we wasted quite some time deciding what food to take as Food Republic was crowded. Finally I suggested Long John Silver’s but we passed by Carl’s Junior and Terry gave a green light to go inside. I ordered BBQ chicken and I found it normal. Anyway, the French fries sucked and the entire meal was so expensive. Whereas, the size of the burger used to be very big years ago and I totally thought it did not worth the price.

I felt quite stressed after reaching home when I realised there were still many things waiting for me to do.

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