Is the Iced Lemon Tea Cold or Hot one?

Yesterday, I joined my gang to IMM after work. It was a last minute decision and in fact, it was a weird one. I had some work which Justin sought my help to assist him with and furthermore, the slow progress of updating my websites filled my mind. Upon arriving at IMM, I was quite disappointed with myself for not making the right choice because my mum had informed me that she would be cooking; and I would feel guilty for wasting my mum’s effort again.

We went to the MacDonald’s and shared some nuggets, French fries and Mc chicken wings. Later on, Weitat allured me to have ice-cream. My lust would be more satisfied if only MacDonald’s were to sell chocolate cone ice-cream. After all, I had been so sinned because I was not supposed to take too much ice-cream for my body was weak and would fall sick easily.

The stay at the MacDonald’s was quite carefree for me but maybe not for everyone. I hoped things would get back to like in the past even though most people would have less attention for me since they might be too close and occupied to bother with too many people.

Anyway, after Mingfa arrived, we moved on to the Hutchison (not sure of the spelling) Japanese restaurant for dinner. I was determined to have a hunger strike till reaching home so that I would not feel bad. However, Mingli did not seem to like her teriyaki chicken rice and thus I shared with her.

Mingfa made an ultimate enquiry when we were ordering the food “Is the iced lemon tea cold or hot one?” We almost dropped after the waiter replied in a teasing tone. Actually, anyone could easily make the same mistake somehow.

After that, we stopped by an air-conditioner shop before moving on to Daiso. I bought a packet of the grains which the pests would stay away from, because my house had been invaded by the tiny smelly ants since long ago. Weitat and I bought a same design but different colour belt each.

After reaching home, I was not hungry at all. Both relieving and disappointment battled in my mind for the fact that my mum seemed to have gone crazy suddenly again that her cooking was disastrous. I could only taste ginger in her soup and the chicken were covered with lots of garlic. My brothers and I complained but she claimed that she had only put in a piece of ginger into the soup and had already removed it. Obviously, if she was not lying, that piece of ginger must be gigantic. I had only very little rice, and managed to finish them with just a few sticks of vegetables and a small piece of chicken.

Luckily, I had taken some food at IMM before reaching home.

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