My Mum got Cheated Again

The frequent celebration resumes again. There is nothing to be surprised about, but it does provoke irritation no matter how all of us have got used to.

My mum suddenly asked if I did encounter pains on my gums. Then, she proudly announced that she had bought a special tube of toothpaste which was recommended by her friend. I almost thought such a product better than Colgate, Oral-B and Darlie existed until she suddenly told me it could be used to apply on pimples, I knew she was conned again. My blood pressure rose to the mountainous area and when she told me it actually cost her thirty bucks, I felt numbed.

Just a while later, somehow she celebrated her great purchase with my younger brother who went online to search for the product, which I was lazy to do. He also realised the box indicated thirty-nine “yuan” (China’s currency) and the conversion rate was around five or six times lesser than Singapore Dollar.

This time, the trickster is a China lady and my mum is not even close to her, but still, are friends. Three other friends of my mum are also being cheated together.

This world is simply too cruel. Those cons are out there to fool old aunties out of their hard-earned money, and indirectly, robbing my money as well.

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