My Paradise – Marina South Pier

I marked my fourth trip down to Marina South Pier alone last Saturday. On this very quiet Saturday, after slacking and rotting, I finally decided to leave the house after 6pm. I should be leaving house much earlier so that I could stay there longer but it was good enough that I could make my way out of the house.

As I crossed the road to the side of the Singapore Conference Hall, two sweet girls were in front of me, walking towards Marina South. Luckily that they turned around to ask me and I showed them the direction to their actual destination – Lau Pa Sat. In fact, I knew it was already quite late to go jogging and I even thought of guiding them to their destination and giving up on my jog. Perhaps, the beauty at Marina South Pier exceeded the beauty of the girls.

Along the same old path, holding my old torn phone pouch which the zip was already totally damaged, with the music, I jogged to my loneliness, missing the days I had with my comrades. The air pollution had increased as the construction work moved on, and even the roads were dusted by the sand floating and grinding in the atmosphere.

I took a seat on the floor at the cooling place. The crowded area on this Saturday quite disappointed me. There was a couple taking photos around, jumping in front of the camera to capture their moments in the air, caused much jealousy. A tent by the edge with two policemen under also somehow spoilt the scenery. Slowly, I lay down on my back to enjoy what was left over, the wonderful air wheezing by my ears, the soft cheering of the waves hitting the banks, I felt so relaxed. The visitors were too comfortable to leave the place and until dusk broke in, everyone seemed to be clinging to the tranquillity of the superb mankind’s creation.

When the sun had completely left the scene, I picked up my lazy legs and reluctantly bid my paradise goodbye. I had to leave, and I had to get back to reality, because works were piling up to haunt my dreams.

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