Overnight at Weitat's house

The past few days took me a ride on a “mountain-climbing” challenge. My backache was tearing me apart, together with my workload, my deprivation of sleep sent me nodding at places.

On Thursday evening, Mingfa sent the gang of us to meet up with coach right after our work. The dinner was for Weitat’s belated birthday and I felt awkward to be treated by coach as I had not been talking to him since long time ago. Since I had a very unpleasant afternoon during my earlier lessons, the tiredness from the anger added on to my weariness to keep me quiet.

Mingfa drove me home after Jingkun and Mingli, and waited downstairs together with Weitat while I took my bath and packed up. Then, we proceeded to Weitat’s house. It was a good “customer service” experience. Weitat gave up his bed for me and since he did not switch on the air-conditioner, I was able to doze off at around midnight after nodding in front of his television.

It was one of the peaceful nights I had for years, probably due to my desktop was not there for me to work. I slept right till after daylight.

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