Shifted Desk

There is nothing that lasts forever. Same things go for a work desk. I have already prepared since so long ago to move and thus I have not brought many things along ever since day one.

The days when the four of us were sitting straight in a row would be so unforgotten. It is one of the best things in anyone’s working life to enjoy such privilege of having three buddies sitting so near that we could easily help or look out for each other within a second. I enjoy sitting near the few new friends who have been entertaining me a lot, especially “everything’s perfect”, because she is kind of my ideal mum.

Some people might think that sitting at the edge where many people would pass by is a problem but I’m pretty off the channel since I think totally differently; I love colleagues pass by everyday often and exchange smiles with me. Smiles lighten up me a lot, especially when I’m stressed.

Of course, there are cons to sit among the group that is near the door when access card is needed. Also, sometimes people might tend to take you for granted as well when you are being exposed to line of sight easily.

I’m not being indecisive when I’m offered to be helped to cling on to the place. So much for expecting the changes, I’m only so curious about who has placed a label on the desk without saying anything, which is very impolite, unfriendly and coward. The problem is when I express my regrets for shifting because of all the nice things, people tend to think I’m trying to hog on to the place.

Back to the same old place, I feel so flattered and pampered somehow by the most welcoming mature soul. The annoyance is having to sit near a couple of people who work totally differently from my style, or perhaps, different from the entire workforce’s. Anyway, I shall focus on all the cute people instead.

Being excess sentimental is showing too much of my weakness.

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