Singapore flyer, Henderson Waves and Alexandra Arch

On the same night which I ended my Southern Ridges expedition with Gilbert, my volleyball gang called me up for dinner at the Singapore Flyer. Weitat, Mingli and Jingkun drove over to pick me up and meet up with the rest – Mingfa, Mingen, Tiffany, Wilson and Ruoci.

It was my first trip down to the Singapore Flyer ever since it was built. Then, I realised they were going there for Popeye, which I thought they only had branches at the airports. Despite I already had my dinner earlier on with Gilbert, the craving for the delicious chickens made me share a three-piece chicken meal set with Mingli. The sizes of the chickens were small and disappointing though.

The rest of us, excluding Mingen and Tiffany, went to Mustafa after our late dinner. We left soon after Mingfa got his knee guard. The highlight of the night finally began. As I was mentioning about my trip to the Southern Ridges, and how beautiful the Henderson Waves was in the day and certainly would be even more dashing at night, my gang decided to complete my night and desire.

Weitat drove to Telok Blangah Hill and we climbed up from the car park. It was not long before we arrived at the classy Henderson Waves. Because of the height, it seemed like we were hanging in the air. The lighting and the tranquillity made the entire bridge look like heaven. There were already people hanging around to enjoy the beautiful night and some army guys were jogging.

We proceeded next to the Alexandra Arch, which was a big disappointment as the lighting ended at midnight, and thus we could only see normal white lights. A group of youngsters were camping there. We ended the night and it was probably too quick to take any nice night shots.

NParks had done a great job.

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