Slept Early on a Weekday

Back to the working life from the long weekends seemed too harsh a slacker’s life. I could not doze off as usual and wasted lots of time tossing on the bed.

It was an early trip in the morning, rushing towards the longer distanced place, to notice that there was no lesson. They assumed Andrew and I knew that since the day before was a holiday; our part of lesson would only start on the second school day. However, the email could back us up that they had informed us to go on the first school day of the week.

I had no hard feeling since I felt it was good to see them again even though I was “cheated” to wake up around two hours earlier for that trip. I was quite worried that it would give my superior bad impression of them for this small yet irritating mistake, but somehow I was blessed that the news was spread before I needed to speak up.

It was the first time I stayed awake throughout on bus 173. I was so shocked to realise the bus actually travelled from Bukit Batok to Bukit Timah before reaching Clementi. Basically, it travelled at least twice the distance of bus 106 and 963.

I had a tough time fighting against my sleepiness in the afternoon, trying to make amendments to the posters’ drafts. No information was given and all was my initiative, which somehow made me feel that I was heading nowhere.

I wanted to head home early to rest my piggy head but my gang was on a slow pace. Before we could even reach the car park, we were halted and had to return to do some charity work. I spent some time touring around Clementi with Weitat in search of keymaker but the only one we found claimed that he did not have the key with the same thickness.

There was not much time for work before I dozed off at around eleven. I woke up twice at one and five in the morning but managed to coax myself not to think about anything so that I could continue to sleep. It had been long since I dozed off so early and slept for so long despite the sleeping hours were not joined.

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