Sprained Licking Good

The volleyball session yesterday turned a bit disastrous. Weitat accompanied me down to Mingfa’s girls’ training after five. The old girls returned. Both of us started playing with Mingen and Tiffany, and it was not long before Mingen spiked a ball too far in front of me and it hit the ground before agitating my index finger on my right hand.

It had been so long since I last sprained any part of my body and I hated the irritating feeling that hindered me from doing well. Since I was wearing my old spectacle which had scratches all over the lens, my visible was not completely clear and it was too late to switch spectacle because it would probably cause giddiness.

The training lasted till night since our usual game starting from the evening was cancelled due to a bitch, and Mingfa was preparing the girls for the upcoming competition.

I had my greatest fun at the end but it was really short.

We did not have dinner together even though Weitat and Mingfa were fine with eating together, knowing that my mum did not cook; since Weitat claimed that his house should have food, I did not want to make him waste his time.

Anyway, I met Meilin and Sisi at the MRT and it was good to have companion on the way. The best thing was that the train was not crowded and thus we managed to get seated comfortably.

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