Switched from HTML to PHP

It took me quite long to finally switch my entire website from HTML to PHP due to the programming method.

All the while I was using IFRAME and probably nobody could notice it if he was using Internet Explorer; Firefox lovers had serious problems viewing the website. Occasionally I had also been amending the website’s coding to synchronise with both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and thus, if you had been observing the site carefully, you most likely would have found some small improvements in Firefox’s view for certain features.

Since the scripting method I had been using depended too much on the frame, it was a very tedious progress to switch.

What are actually done?
– Entire site is changed from HTML to PHP
– All coding is amended to suit both Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0
– Internal site structure is improved for easier future update
– Menus and submenus are shifted and improved
– Scripting and presentation for various pages are improved

Shifting to PHP also means that I would be shifting from Blogger to WordPress in near-to-come. Next progress is to edit and update the contents. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, please highlight if there is any error.

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