The Arrow Strikes Me Again

It is funny that whenever people need helps, they always think of me before anyone else.

This entire world consists of nobody who is “free” except me.

When our boat faces storm, I would be sent to deal with the situation; and when other boats face the same problem, everyone deems that I’m the only one in the ocean to do something.

It is alright to do lots of extra things than normal people but it is very irritating in situations whereby my main tasks are affected.

My focus and principle all these while is to accomplish all the tasks assigned by the bosses; in Chinese, “不辱君命”.

The fact that I’m unable to achieve my own standard of work due to additional works that I cannot reject tells me that I should not stay on anymore. I must admit my own incapability even though they may not be obvious to others.

No matter who and how many people are impressed by me, and how many compliments I have received, I should not hesitate anymore.

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