The Upcoming Trip to the New Bridge

I’m planning to visit the new bridge at Harbourfront this weekend. I should have gone there with Gilbert a few days ago since none of the people I have asked is free to join me.

So much for my love for photography, it would definitely be a fruitful trip for me.

I’m so lazy to find out more about the location at this moment, not even the exact name. Gilbert told me he read from newspapers that it would probably take around five hours to finish the two joint bridges from Harbourfront to West Coast. I’m very lazy to go around calling people as well since probably not many friends will find the trip meaningful and can follow my pace. I hate rejections.

I will probably set off by myself if nobody is really interested to join me. After all, I have been such a loner for all these while, and I have actually being trained to be alone; I used to feel weird to be outside alone but not anymore now.

The only fear is my feet because the bloody unprofessional doctors since my army days have not yet to care about them, and I get lots of pains after walking or jogging for long.

No matter what, I must continue to stay by myself, just like jogging alone to Marina South Pier. I’m not going to care about what others would think of me because being a loner is not a crime.

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