The Weekend's Long Volleyball

We got to play volleyball on a Friday night again. We had rare visitors like Tze Khit and he even bought my dinner for me – chicken chop. Both of us had stuffs to discuss but to no conclusion yet again. Things were alright for the night except that playing with a sprained finger was a great hindrance.

I spent my Saturday sleeping earlier than usual. Since my mum and younger brother had gone to Malaysia, I dominated the entire room. Waking up early on a Saturday morning was another rare thing. I set my alarm to dance at around seven but I only woke up at eight and I was late for around ten minutes.

It was the last training before the ITE’s tournament. I was merely a vase there. Mingen drove to West Coast MacDonald’s to buy breakfast.

After slacking around for quite some time, I started putting on the tape on my sprained index finger but to realise that I was a cripple. It was only a finger and yet it affected the entire game since even receiving balls required grabbing of all my fingers to keep the arms firm. Alas, I was forced to tape my index and middle fingers together; I got so much better but the pain was still there.

I forgot to bring my water bottle and ended up drenching my thirst with Mingfa’s 100plus. The gassy drinks gave me problems.

My legs were strengthless after the volleyball session around twelve hours ago. Eventually, I started to slack again on the stage and dozed off before the arrival of Mingfa’s C boys. I did not interrupt the training again. When Mingfa was doing the toss-spike to train his boys, I felt helpless since I was really lousy at that and could not offer any help to him, whereas his knees were already badly injured for him to jump too much.

Weitat arrived to join us and I got to warm up a bit with him again. We got to play a set of game before the training ended. Slowly, my tiredness captured my consciousness again and I dozed off on the stage. I was woke up by Weitat to play a dual match with Mingfa and Mingen. With my sleepy head, performance was real bad but eventually my team won a western food treat with a close margin score.

Mingen drove the three of us out to get dinner at the hawker centre and tape at Guardian store. We also got two bottles of water at 7-11, which were sold at insane price. Then, we went back to the school and enjoyed our chicken cutlet together with Oliver.

While waiting for the rest of the people to come for the night game, I dozed off on the stage for the third time. We had great games at night and even though we lost the last game, the high morale was satisfying.

Supper was at Bedok 85. Five of us, inclusive of Jingkun, Mingfa, Weitat and Junyang walked to Weitat’s house to collect his dad’s car. On the way, I felt sick, which left me speechless. When they were advising me to take up driving license before the price increased again, my messy brain made me feel worse.

I frequented my usual western food stall again but this time, I got myself fish cutlet instead of chicken chop. We did not stay for long before leaving for Mustafa. It was a short stopover again before Weitat drove me home.

It was a very good and relaxing weekend and if only everyday was so enjoyable. I was so sinned for indulging totally on volleyball and did not touch any work.

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