The Weirdest Mothers' Day

Every year, my family would go for dinner together on Mothers’ Day. Since my mum’s birthday was just a few weeks before Mothers’ Day, we would normally focus more on her birthday instead.

This year, my brothers and I had spent large sum of money during my mum’s birthday for the Hong Kong trip and therefore, Mothers’ Day’s celebration was somehow “forfeited”.

On the day, my elder brother was still at cold war with my mum and my younger brother went for his friend’s birthday celebration, leaving me alone with my mum. In order not to disappoint her, I accompanied her to Chinatown for dinner.

We had sting ray for dinner. Since the hawker told us we had to wait very long, I went around looking for finger food and got some Shui Guo, and durian flavour’s Tang Yuan. Before we could finish everything, we ordered Rojak from the stall owner who passed by. Together with the sugarcane juice, my stomach was so bloated. It was a dinner well-spent; it was cheaper than a single person’s bill at a normal restaurant.

We went to CK to shop around for a while and I finally got myself a sleeveless shirt. Things were cheap there but I supposed they were old. Since nothing else was to my liking, I chose not to waste my wardrobe’s space.

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