Trekking at Southern Ridges

I completed the Southern Ridges trekking with Gilbert just now.

We met up at the Seah Lm food centre and started off at the Harbourfront MRT station.

We took the right direction after going uphill and finally walked the opposite direction towards Jewel Box restaurant (Slogan: Singapore’s Iconic Hilltop Destination).

Next, we crossed Faber Walk and finally reached the speculate Henderson Waves; we were so impressed by the great work at such a great height – near 80 kilometres above sea level.

We proceeded to Hilltop Walk and after more struggles under the hot sun, we reached Forest Walk, which was a grand place with the steel bridge leading visitors towards the Alexandra Arch; it was never possible to access to Alexandra Arch from the Hilltop Walk with the steep slopes until the completion of the Forest Walk.

We finally arrived at Hort Park which I had visited once a few ago near midnight and could not walk around. I did not expect it to be a very big place.

We took the Canopy Walk and lastly, arrived at the Science Park after some extra walks.

It took us around five hours to complete the journey, inclusive the photo taking throughout the expedition.

We took bus to Bouna Vista MRT and walked to Holland Village after that. After some consideration, we decided to dine at Coffee Club. It was my first time and a very disappointing one. Gilbert discouraged me to order fish and chips and thus, I tried the Alfredo, which was actually pasta together with ham and mushroom in mushroom cream. I was actually “allergic” to pasta and furthermore, the sauce made me sick right after a few bites. The soup of the day was tomato soup, which was not to my liking. After the dinner, which I did not finish, I had mochaccino and I had never expected it to be served hot, and thus, I was extremely disappointed. The dinner could be described as a complete disaster.

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