Vesak Day

This Monday was Vesak Day’s extended holiday and it was the last holiday until August, which made working life quite miserable.

I was still “playing” with my website and found it a hassle to piece my blog and main website together, and it took up too much of my holiday.

Dinner was at Chinatown at the famous good and cheap stall which sold sting ray. The best thing was that my whole family went together and peace finally regained in my family. The stupid cold war was really crappy and I hated it happen just because of something not to be mentioned and yet was anticipated long ago.

I went to fix my nose pads for the spectacles. Then, we had a short shopping session at the cheap toiletry shop before getting some expensive cleaners for the air-conditioners. We camped inside People’s Park Complex for a cream that would form into stone, which was used for mending house. Next, we shopped at the CK store before crossing over to the other branch near Chinatown Complex. I was quite fascinated with a shirt but did not get it due to the lack of size, which was a huge disappointment.

After we got home, we started breaking apart the air-conditioner which had been making noises. Things got out of hands when we realised it could not move at all. It took my elder brother hours to fix it back and make it work, in an ugly way; it might break down any time soon.

It was quite a fun night.

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