Volleyball on a Friday

We had a last minute decision to play volleyball on last Friday night; I was dying to go home to finish up my website, but in order not to disappoint everyone, I joined them.

I went home to pack up my stuffs and left immediately after having toilet meeting. On the speed faster than my usual quick pace, I hurried to my destination, causing the weakness on my legs. It was a repeated mistake caused by my ignorance. Perhaps, I should jog over instead of doing the ultimate brisk walking.

I was yet again another handicapped man. This time round, we had really nice figure to form a team without anyone having to sit outside the court. I let Mingfa down a couple of times. In fact, my legs almost cramped right after the first few jumps. We wanted to stay behind after the rest were gone but we were simply too tired to play well.

Dinner was at Commonwealth. Mingfa drove us to Weitat’s house to collect Weitat’s dad’s car and we went to return Mingfa’s sister car before proceeding to fill our stomachs. Before that, we barged into Hort Park where I was amazed with the scenery; everything was great except that it was already near midnight and I could not do photography there.

We had Wantan noodle on this very cosy night. The togetherness was very heart-warming. Life would be very great if every night was similar and that we did not have dreams to fulfil. I wished to enjoy these very peaceful nights where I could feel the happy souls, where friendship overwhelmed, as much as possible, because one day we might eventually part.

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