Buffet Breakfast at Dragon Gate Restaurant

Sunday was breakfast with big boss at Dragon Gate. I was surprisingly on time again and eventually took a little walk around by myself since the rest were late. I was looking at the rechargeable batteries “Eneloop” from Sanyo at the Harbourfront Centre stationary shop. The price was freaking expensive at around sixty bucks for four AA size batteries and the charger. I supposed it would save me lots of troubles and money if I were to continue to use my current Olympus D-750 camera; my GP rechargeable batteries had been failing me all these while. Anyway, I wanted to check out the prices in other places first.

My comrades arrived by cabs. Big boss was already at the restaurant and even had ordered food for us. It was my second visit there and the first time was with Zhengfang and Evelyn for steamboat buffet instead.

I was not really fascinated by the food as I hated gobbling up food just for the sake of making the money worth. It was good experience to hang out with successful people since we got to learn from them every moment. There were a few awkward moments which I did not really notice until the boss was gone. Anyway, someone ordered excess food that we had a hard time trying to clear the table to avoid being charged for food wastage.

My initial plan was to actually go out with my family for the event organised by the community centre where there were Go Kart racing near Bukit Merah. My mum had to attend the funeral of a neighbour and thus we called off the outing. I was actually lazy but very interested in the Go Kart game.

I took a little walk around Vivocity with them before going home by bus.

Vivocity Island Café with Gilbert

I had another guilty afternoon, going to Vivocity with Gilbert. I actually told him I wanted to get a pair of jeans and thus he got me along. At least, I did not join his friends and him for the movie.

I was on time finally to meet up with him. The snail-like traffic almost increased my heartbeats to the DDR dancing pace along the journey. It was an unpleasant ride since waiting at the bus-stop where a family of big sized foreigners, standing around ten centimetres away, blocked my view completely at the bus-stop. After getting into the bus, I chose to stand and the three of them stood beside me and it was it a complete turn off. They alighted at Vivocity as well.

Anyway, I waited near the escalator for Gilbert and his two friends while glancing at a pretty babe at the investment booth. Shixin walked past with a guy and both of them were in white. I called for her but she did not hear me.

Gilbert came up to meet me first and his two friends arrived a minute later. His friends went for lunch while both of us went to walk around. First task was to find the AXS machine outside the cinema to collect the movie ticket but printing was unavailable. We were forced to go to the ticketing booth directly.

Gilbert tortured me with his fast pace throughout his shopping expedition. He tried hard to psycho me to get new clothes but of no result. Towards the end, I was walking ten steps behind him and he did not slow down for me who was so deprived of sleep. We finally stopped at the Island Café where Gilbert had his early dinner.


Viewing outside


His food

My drinks

It was not only my first visit to this café, but also the first time I ever noticed about its existence. We got seated at an empty table and started to wonder what we could get. A few minutes later, the waiter came over to take our order. I stared at Gilbert amazingly, showing him hand sign because my words were bitten off by the café’s ridiculous service. We asked for the menu and the waitress continued to stand there like an idiot; being kind enough, I told him to come back later since we had to take some time to look at the menu. I had a cup of iced cappuccino which came without ice. The idea of having separated syrup and the actual drink was good but somehow, I preferred the usual Coffeebean or Starbucks style of doing it for me.

The ambience was great except that there seemed to be a soon-to-be broken family a few tables away, partially blocked by a wall. The mum should be talking to her husband over the phone, screaming and blaming the other party for not going to fetch her. She was quite ridiculous and I quite pitied her child and another lady who was in the same table.

Gilbert and I had a long chat there. Luckily, the crazy woman did not stay as long as us and thus we could have a more peaceful evening discussing about our future plans. The lesson learnt for the day was to not meddle too much into other people’s ridiculousness. The waiter’s ultimate poor service and the crazy diner’s ungraciousness should not be affecting my mood. In fact, I was simply too bored and I was not getting worked up over all the nonsense.

It was near seven when we went up to the cinema to meet up with Gilbert’s two friends before I bid them goodbye. I did a little chasing of the bus and the feeling of the little run was great. I supposed I had to go down to my favourite place, Marina South Pier, soon while sweating it out.

Cheap Versus Expensive Medical Bills

I got up early on a Saturday morning unusually. It was all for the money spending trip at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) again for my medication appointment.

During the visit to the medical centre in Stagmont Camp some months ago, the medical officer (MO) helped me to schedule an appointment with the specialist as to get a letter to downgrade me permanently.

I managed to walk to SGH within half an hour’s time. I did not have good impression with the management since I had to spend at least an hour to wait there each time and that the specialists were not very caring.

This time round, I only waited for around ten minutes before I could get into the room, which was a great improvement, but however, could be because my appointment was one of the earliest.

The doctor was Dr Thiruchelvam Jegathesan. I should have mentioned about the weakness in my knees but I was suddenly too lost for words. Apart from the main problem, which was my back, I told him about my suspicious of having bone spurs on my feet but he claimed it was not very likely. In the end, I told him that the MO wanted the memo from him and he sent me out of the room while typing it out for me. It was a short and sweet letter, but however, the contents might not be a strong backup for permanent downgrade…

“Dear colleague kindly downgrade the above mentioned patient to his prov Pes status of C2L2 due to his chronic back pain secondary to Mild disc bulging at L4/5 and Subarachnoid cyst involving the left S2 nerve root. Thank you. .”

Compared to my elder brother’s letter from Geneagles Hospital, it was nothing. His specialist wrote a very detailed and strong letter for downgrading him, which I was very impressed. I could see the big difference between private and government hospitals – private hospitals would put the patient’s interest at the first place whereas government hospitals would reduce time wastage and also, not taking too much responsibility.

At least, this was the first time ever a specialist from SGH would dare or bother to help me write a letter to ask for downgrade. It was a better experience at SGH and I hoped I would not call it “Singapore Waiting Hospital” again in future.

I paid for $25, whereas my brother paid around $80 for the consultation.

The Longest Slide Ever

Last Friday after reaching home from work, I had a very short nap while waiting for my mum. We took bus to People’s Park Centre to fix my blue spectacle. The lady advised me to make a new pair instead but luckily the owner of the shop came over and told us it could be fixed. This doctor had been giving my whole family great discount over the past ten years.

We went to Swanston to get toothpaste. The Colgate ones came in three and cost around $5.20 and NTUC was selling the pack around two bucks more; Mustafa could be more expensive.

We went to Chinatown Complex’s hawker centre for the famous sting ray and it was the first day they changed the chilli, which put me in tears. Nevertheless, it was still delicious. The drinks stall auntie finally stopped boosting about putting twenty-five limes into the drinks.

I finally started washing the pair of shoes which was drenched totally by the sea water during the Dragon Boat trip weeks ago. I removed the pipe of the washing machine from the bathroom before the cleaning job, and went to bathe after that.

My brother got home and then later, I realised the washing machine was running. I was not sure if he or his girlfriend was using the bathroom and thus did not question him whether my mum had instructed him or either one of us had accidentally hit the button.

I was in front of my computer when there was loud noise from the washing machine, which usually happened when it was releasing the dirty water. Suddenly, I remembered I did not put back the end of the pipe to the bathroom and thus, I quickly dashed towards the kitchen, to slide like a soccer player over a distance within a second. I hit my elbows a little but my alertness did not save my shorts from being drenched.

The kitchen was flooded with water by then. So much for the chores to clear the water, my brother did together with me, and that I had to take a quick shower again.

The pros were that the kitchen had not been mopped for quite long already and that the slip was actually fun.

One advice for everyone is to choose the correct kitchen tiles to prevent slipperiness. The contractor who did the renovation for my house donkey years ago obviously used cheap materials.

Work Wise

Carrying computers simply reminded me of the army days.

Often, the person in charge of everything would not be an organised person, and thus causing extra work to be done. Though work could be frustrating and tiring, I would never run away.

“Let’s quickly leave so that they cannot find us.” – I really hate such childish and selfish thinking unless the boss is a pain in the ass. In another words, if your boss has been treating you very well and yet you are trying to escape from helping, what kind of animal are you? Logically thinking, there are works which you can luckily run away from it today but not the next day. And, if you have forgotten to bring your brain out of your house, you probably have to go home before you realise you are only a call away.

Since secondary school days, we have been taught that avoiding is never a good solution. You can either stand up and say no, or, just put simply put in your full effort to help. We have lived so long in this world to start realising what real men have to do.

I was glad that my superior did the right thing this time to task everyone to help out together, or otherwise, everyone in the office would definitely come to me directly because I was too stupid to not reject. Perhaps, some people would rather take kind people for granted, so as to reduce the number of them, making the group of them endangered and thus more valuable.

I wanted to stay behind to buck up on my pending work as everyone was leaving; but I suddenly came to sense, realising my plan to continue with work would only land me with extra works which I did not know how to turn away. For the first time at work place I was so wise to make the correct decision, to rather go home to continue, or at least rest or play.

I gave volleyball a miss since I wanted to go and get my spectacle fixed, and that I had already spent two nights this week playing volleyball, which made me guilty.


If you have been trying to ask some friends out for years but they always claim to be too busy, the reason is obvious.

Keep trying and you would only be disgracing yourself, which the Chinese would say “自取欺辱” (You are asking for the insult).

We eventually get to realise who are our true friends after the long period of experiment.

Rejections from friends can be hurting, and rejection from a special someone is far worse. When repeated failures have eliminated all hopes, a causal question could actually wake the drunkard sober to realise his dream is nothing but a tale.

The needle pierces through the body, right into the heart. There is nothing but blood.

Shout Up and Play Volleyball

I had my second volleyball session of the week on Thursday. Both Weitat and I were exhausted from work and I thought I could behave like a zombie in the hall but he started setting up the poles and net again. After which, I happily went to the mat and within a minute, Weitat came over to invite me for two-on-two.

My right index finger gave me the usual pain. I was a cripple when the finger affected my serving, digging, setting and spiking – basically I was dragging him down. Perhaps it was a form of phobia, which I took quite long to overcome the pain over the evening, and probably through immunising.

The real games begun alright as the rest arrived. We did not have enough players and had to play five-on-five. It was good until the exhaustion strike me. I made few mistakes and unfortunately, I was in the wrong team somehow.

It was good for advice because through the comments, we would improve; but basically if someone who was of worthless quality dropped criticism, it was an insult which normally would also arrive in frustration. It was impossible to stop arrogance when the champion was always in his own world, thinking that he was great.

I was still in strength to continue the game until the very last drop of tolerance evaporated through the heat. The irritation brought my soul out of the game, but since I could not just simply leave the court, I could only pray hard for it to end.

When my long awaited moment arrived, I was almost scared to death when some of them mentioned about continuing the game. Luckily that the ball had gone up to the top and they were having too much fun to get it down that time passed by fast to reach nine o’clock.


Yesterday morning, I woke up in guilt and hatred. It had been nearly a week since I last worked on my new site despite the fact that I had been flooding Irwin to start off with his planned site whenever both of us were online.

I had been busy with blogging and going out that completely wiped off my time to resume on my work. The dateline I gave to myself was going to hug me soon and I had to plead to myself to extend it.

At this pace, my nightmare threatened to haunt me as school was going to reopen soon. Preparation work was at its minimal and the designing project did not move fast enough with the ultimate “fast” school laptop.

Work seemed endless somehow, although sometimes I might be doing extra things. At least, I had clear conscience with my contribution, which could aid the kids, at least a bit.

Sometimes I really wished I could have more free time like some people who could even surf net daily in office for comics and yet being paid. I could swear that I would spend the free time doing websites or self studying instead of spitting them away.

I’m hesitating to continue with work over the weekends or my websites. I want to leave so badly and I have to secure my future, that I would probably choose the latter. Meanwhile, I need to restrict myself from going out, or even playing volleyball so many times each week.

I’m grounding myself.

KB BBQ at East Coast Park

I left work a little earlier than the rest to attend my class KB’s barbecue gathering at East Coast Park.

The initial plan was to sleep through bus 196, which would definitely take longer than an hour. Before leaving the office, I was advised to take train and transit to bus instead. The entire information gathering progress killed more of my time and I could have just proceeded to my own plan in the first place.

I walked to Clementi MRT station and stood all the way to Eunos MRT station, almost fell down countless time when I dozed off. It was a torment, and also, a physical and mental test for me, which was unhealthy. After alighting, I made a waste trip to the bus-stop at the main road and finally decided to approach the translink counter. I took bus 13 and luckily, it stopped at the same bus-stop as bus 196. Nevertheless, it was a wrong decision made to not follow my original plan.

Walking towards the sea, I saw to my terror at the number of the nearest pit. A few of the guys were cycling and they called for me. They confirmed to me that the pit was a far distance away. I went straight to the MacDonald’s to get changed into shorts before strolling all the way to find the rest of them. The wind was strong and cooling but I was too shagged to enjoy myself.

It was good to see the kids again, but however, sad to know that so many of them were smokers. I was well served with food and drinks. There was a little playing with camera but the batteries’ lives quite irritated me. Chi Chiang arrived before eight. I got to realise Terrence was staying just opposite me but he left without me. In the end, Chi Chiang was pestering Edmund to exchange magic tricks and I got entertained. We stayed till after ten and left after most of them were gone.

Walking towards Parkway Parade was a good decision but the waiting for bus 196 was long.

My Blue Spectacle is Down

The last minute call for volleyball was a burden to my tired brain.

It was a hectic afternoon even though Weitat was driving and it made travelling easier. After work, we went to the car dealer’s side for Jingkun to settle some documentation, and Weitat drove me to Tiong Bahru MRT while waiting. It had been long since I last walked around in Tiong Bahru Plaza and my brain was filled with memories.

I took train home and started packing my volleyball gears into my bag. Then, I gave the guys a call and Weitat told me to stay put. It gave me sufficient time to clear my mails, read the RSS feed of my friends’ websites, and even enjoy a stick of ice-cream.

Weitat insisted to come to fetch me despite he was not in a good mood. I was actually quite worried about the ERP charge. Anyway, I dashed to buy some muffins when they arrived and started eating inside the car. My navigation skill to CCAB to fetch Mingfa was much better than usual.

After picking Mingfa up, Weitat sent Yi Cheng home at Regent Heights. I was quite curious about the “Xiao Gui Ling” opposite. Anyway, Weitat sent Mingli home next to get her equipments and both of them rushed up for toilet meeting. Next, we proceeded on to Weitat’s house where we got to see the ultra “soft” Pika running. After that, we met up with a traffic jam before arriving at the school. Jingkun reached earlier than us.

We started the game with great tempo. I could feel myself hanging in the air and my timing was so good that I could easily create earthquake, except that we had to be friendly and gentle with the ball. In the later part of the game when stronger opponents arrived, we were less serious. My nightmare arrived during a blocking when the ball hit my spectacle and soon, the joint of the nose pad broke off. I was even too busy to go for repair at the optical shop and I was not sure how much that would cost for the soldering.

We left without dining together again. I had a cup of instant soup and then dozed off within hours without having dinner again for the third or fourth time within less than two weeks.