85 after Volleyball

Tuesday’s volleyball was fine except that I did not play as well as what I had expected. It was probably not because of the recovering finger but the phobia and the expensive chicken rice caused burpings throughout the entire game.

After the game, Weitat drove Mingfa, Jingkun and I to Bedok 85 where we met up with Wilson and Ruoci who took cab down. We were planning to go somewhere to buy ice-cream since we thought we would arrive earlier but it ended up we lost the race; cab drivers could be really reckless on the road. We were missing Mingli somehow since she went for chalet in the midst of the game earlier.

It was a great night somehow when I could see some things had reverted to normal and I enjoyed the gatheringness. I missed the days when we went out in very big group especially after volleyball.

I made a sinful choice of taking chicken chop, knowing that my mum had already cooked. Feeling guilty yet did not want to miss out the fun, it caused hesitation.

The heavy rain cooled the night but it made driving tougher for Weitat from the East to West.

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