Buffet Breakfast at Dragon Gate Restaurant

Sunday was breakfast with big boss at Dragon Gate. I was surprisingly on time again and eventually took a little walk around by myself since the rest were late. I was looking at the rechargeable batteries “Eneloop” from Sanyo at the Harbourfront Centre stationary shop. The price was freaking expensive at around sixty bucks for four AA size batteries and the charger. I supposed it would save me lots of troubles and money if I were to continue to use my current Olympus D-750 camera; my GP rechargeable batteries had been failing me all these while. Anyway, I wanted to check out the prices in other places first.

My comrades arrived by cabs. Big boss was already at the restaurant and even had ordered food for us. It was my second visit there and the first time was with Zhengfang and Evelyn for steamboat buffet instead.

I was not really fascinated by the food as I hated gobbling up food just for the sake of making the money worth. It was good experience to hang out with successful people since we got to learn from them every moment. There were a few awkward moments which I did not really notice until the boss was gone. Anyway, someone ordered excess food that we had a hard time trying to clear the table to avoid being charged for food wastage.

My initial plan was to actually go out with my family for the event organised by the community centre where there were Go Kart racing near Bukit Merah. My mum had to attend the funeral of a neighbour and thus we called off the outing. I was actually lazy but very interested in the Go Kart game.

I took a little walk around Vivocity with them before going home by bus.

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