Dragon Boat

Once again when I tried to take a little rest for my back lazily, I dozed off without setting the alarm clock. I had more sleep than usual then, but in exchange for a very rush morning to pack up.

There was no preparation work done and I hardly knew what was going to happen next. It was a fresh morning with lots of smiling faces. The travelling distance was far.

I got another shock of my life at the seaside; nobody had informed me to bring an extra pair of shoes and then we all moved into the water. My legs were soaked and drenched totally.

It was my first try on the dragon boat. It was definitely not as flexible as kayaking but the strength of the united power was enormous. A pity for the journey delayed that we could not go on longer and the short enjoyment was never enough.

After the short tanning session, I was left helpless with my wet shoes.

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