Yesterday morning, I woke up in guilt and hatred. It had been nearly a week since I last worked on my new site despite the fact that I had been flooding Irwin to start off with his planned site whenever both of us were online.

I had been busy with blogging and going out that completely wiped off my time to resume on my work. The dateline I gave to myself was going to hug me soon and I had to plead to myself to extend it.

At this pace, my nightmare threatened to haunt me as school was going to reopen soon. Preparation work was at its minimal and the designing project did not move fast enough with the ultimate “fast” school laptop.

Work seemed endless somehow, although sometimes I might be doing extra things. At least, I had clear conscience with my contribution, which could aid the kids, at least a bit.

Sometimes I really wished I could have more free time like some people who could even surf net daily in office for comics and yet being paid. I could swear that I would spend the free time doing websites or self studying instead of spitting them away.

I’m hesitating to continue with work over the weekends or my websites. I want to leave so badly and I have to secure my future, that I would probably choose the latter. Meanwhile, I need to restrict myself from going out, or even playing volleyball so many times each week.

I’m grounding myself.

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