KB BBQ at East Coast Park

I left work a little earlier than the rest to attend my class KB’s barbecue gathering at East Coast Park.

The initial plan was to sleep through bus 196, which would definitely take longer than an hour. Before leaving the office, I was advised to take train and transit to bus instead. The entire information gathering progress killed more of my time and I could have just proceeded to my own plan in the first place.

I walked to Clementi MRT station and stood all the way to Eunos MRT station, almost fell down countless time when I dozed off. It was a torment, and also, a physical and mental test for me, which was unhealthy. After alighting, I made a waste trip to the bus-stop at the main road and finally decided to approach the translink counter. I took bus 13 and luckily, it stopped at the same bus-stop as bus 196. Nevertheless, it was a wrong decision made to not follow my original plan.

Walking towards the sea, I saw to my terror at the number of the nearest pit. A few of the guys were cycling and they called for me. They confirmed to me that the pit was a far distance away. I went straight to the MacDonald’s to get changed into shorts before strolling all the way to find the rest of them. The wind was strong and cooling but I was too shagged to enjoy myself.

It was good to see the kids again, but however, sad to know that so many of them were smokers. I was well served with food and drinks. There was a little playing with camera but the batteries’ lives quite irritated me. Chi Chiang arrived before eight. I got to realise Terrence was staying just opposite me but he left without me. In the end, Chi Chiang was pestering Edmund to exchange magic tricks and I got entertained. We stayed till after ten and left after most of them were gone.

Walking towards Parkway Parade was a good decision but the waiting for bus 196 was long.

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