Knowing the Limits

I had a second volleyball session this week on Thursday. I ended my class late and when I got back to the office, all my team-mates were already gone. I had the urge to do some work first but time did not permit me to.

However, after reaching the hall to meet up with the rest, I walked towards the inclined-flex-arm-hang bar by the side and lay on the mat below it. I had a short deep sleep before Mingfa came over to get me up for the game. I quickly bandaged my index finger and stood inside the court with my sleepy head.

It started off well, at least I was able to stay awake and focus. I did much better than the previous months and I could have called for a celebration if only the night was completely silent.

I began to regret over some decisions. I would never want to remain in places where things would only turn sourer and having to endure fake smiles daily. The love showered by all the good people and buddies around could never shield backstabbing completely.

Excess jokes can be so damaging.

Every human being, regardless of your friend, passer-by or even your enemy can be your mirror. For every mistake which you have not committed, you still have to take it as a lesson learnt and remember by heart, and never let it happen to yourself.

I’m glad and proud of myself that I have never caused any dispute between my friends even though I’m cracking jokes and nonsense most of the time; because I bother to reflect before spouting sensitive words, or rather, I know the limits.

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