My Blue Spectacle is Down

The last minute call for volleyball was a burden to my tired brain.

It was a hectic afternoon even though Weitat was driving and it made travelling easier. After work, we went to the car dealer’s side for Jingkun to settle some documentation, and Weitat drove me to Tiong Bahru MRT while waiting. It had been long since I last walked around in Tiong Bahru Plaza and my brain was filled with memories.

I took train home and started packing my volleyball gears into my bag. Then, I gave the guys a call and Weitat told me to stay put. It gave me sufficient time to clear my mails, read the RSS feed of my friends’ websites, and even enjoy a stick of ice-cream.

Weitat insisted to come to fetch me despite he was not in a good mood. I was actually quite worried about the ERP charge. Anyway, I dashed to buy some muffins when they arrived and started eating inside the car. My navigation skill to CCAB to fetch Mingfa was much better than usual.

After picking Mingfa up, Weitat sent Yi Cheng home at Regent Heights. I was quite curious about the “Xiao Gui Ling” opposite. Anyway, Weitat sent Mingli home next to get her equipments and both of them rushed up for toilet meeting. Next, we proceeded on to Weitat’s house where we got to see the ultra “soft” Pika running. After that, we met up with a traffic jam before arriving at the school. Jingkun reached earlier than us.

We started the game with great tempo. I could feel myself hanging in the air and my timing was so good that I could easily create earthquake, except that we had to be friendly and gentle with the ball. In the later part of the game when stronger opponents arrived, we were less serious. My nightmare arrived during a blocking when the ball hit my spectacle and soon, the joint of the nose pad broke off. I was even too busy to go for repair at the optical shop and I was not sure how much that would cost for the soldering.

We left without dining together again. I had a cup of instant soup and then dozed off within hours without having dinner again for the third or fourth time within less than two weeks.

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