Ngee Ann Polytechnic is So Vague

Monday was the beginning of the school holidays even though we all needed to go back to work. To everyone, we seemed to be very free but many works were actually pending; it depended on how committed one could be in order to gauge the workload. It was difficult to wipe off all the threatening sights of jealousy.

Mingli trying to drag him to go down to Ngee Ann Polytechnic to have lunch with us.

Mingli and Yicheng’s scandal.

We went for lunch at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and it was the largest group of us ever. Weitat, Jingkun and Kevin alighted outside SIM because Weitat wanted to submit a letter to withdraw from the course he had applied. Yicheng, Dessy, Mingli and I went straight to Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

I was stunned upon alighting from the bus due to the changes at the gate. I passed by there a couple of times at night and I did not realise the school had already built a path in the middle of the old field where rugby training used to be conducted at; a street soccer court took over.

Steps down the underground pass near canteen 1

Block 71 floor

Block 71 ceiling

An empty space at “Our Space @ 72”

Toilet of ground floor of block 72

One of the rooms

Near block 27/31, the ICT block, which I find it worthless under the hot sun, which nobody would really use the seats.

Same place

Mingli announced that she was meeting her lecturer for lunch and abandoned us. We took some seats at the canteen one before I suggested taking a walk around instead of waiting there. We started off by going to the “Our Space @ 72”, which was a very cosy place for group discussion or even just idling around. Next, we went to the ICT block, passing by the Convention Hall and finally made our way back through the underpass near canteen one where there were tables for students to enjoy. The entire place seemed so much better for students to study, which invoked jealousy.

Chicken chop at canteen 1. The feeling of the “bite” was not really good.

Western food was sold at $3.20 instead of $2.80. The chicken chop did not impress me. We were entertained by the screaming and cheering of students who I supposed were attending orientation camp. Kevin left earlier since he needed to buy food back for Seetoh; whereas the rest of us made our moves soon after, but ended up being cooked under the warm sun under the bus-stop’s shelter, waiting for bus 52 to crawl over.

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