Shopping with Weitat

Wednesday was an unusual day which I was out the entire evening with Weitat to shop for his clothes. He drove to school as his dad was not using the car and sent Mingli and Jingkun home after work. He was supposed to meet up his friend at Marina Square and since my mum was not cooking, I joined him.

He was pretty quick at his pace and we did not waste much time during the shopping trip, which was why he preferred shopping alone. It was a good opportunity for me to get updated with the current trend since I would rarely do any shopping by myself.

We headed towards Wisma after that, stopping at the car park opposite Cineleisure before walking over. Eventually we had our dinner at Takashimaya’s MacDonald’s, where I enjoyed a MacSpicy chicken meal probably for the first time this year. We made a final trip back to Marina Square towards the Topshop before we yielded to the night.

It was all thanks to the car that had made travelling much faster and convenience. Weitat did his confession about his laziness and dependency on the car, and I had to admit that I was at times tempted by the easing of legs muscles.

Our difference was that I was brought up in a less fortunate family that I was more determined to take cheap public transport, and needless to say, had no second choice.

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