Sleep and Volleyball

I committed the same mistake before playing volleyball again, which was to have extreme lack of sleep. Due to time constraint and mostly, distractions, I had less than four hours of rest for two days and large scale of my brain cells were massacred.

This Thursday, I had a tough time drawing the keys from the administration office because the usual staffs were on leave and the present ones thought I looked more like a student. Anyway, Weitat was so hardworking that he started setting up the net upon going in and I joined him before dropping on the gym mat. This time, I had the longest uninterrupted sleep ever inside the hall. Mingfa and Weitat accidentally landed the ball on me once and then Ruoci woke me up finally to get ready for the game.

My brain was numb and reaction was slower than usual. My movements were very restricted by my tensed body and my hands did not follow commands. I made my first embarrassment ever in my volleyball career of letting the ball drop on my face when I was spiking; the lighting was to my disadvantage at that angle. It was not the end of my terror as my spectacle fell off twice later.

We ended the game early at nine again and none of us was in the mood for dinner. I went straight home and it was quite an early night for me, without having dinner as well.

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