Spambot is Back from USA

Spambot aka Yaozhong was back to Singapore finally for his three months vacation. Our ex Ngee Ann Polytechnic gang, Cher Fong, Benson, Wen Chang and both of us met up on Wednesday for dinner.

Since I left my work place later than planned time, and partly due to my slackness, I was very late for the meet-up. It was not that bad at first until I boarded bus 75 and there was massive jam at Shenton Way. Then, I realised the bus did not stop near Esplanade, and instead, I had to further spend time crossing Marina Square. I met my secretary, Lynn, on the way but she was going for karaoke session and thus could not join us.

Back to the Sushi restaurant (Ichiban Boshi) for the third time, my first instinct was to find the waitress who looked like Felicia Chin. She was not as resembling this time but was still quite stylish, except when she opened her mouth…

There was no change in everyone except for Cher Fong who kept his hair very long. I missed the previous class gathering and thus, the rest of them were not surprised by his hairstyle.

Cher Fong’s bike. Cool?

I had chicken katsu and a bowl of rice, which was the simplest. We chatted for quite long and by the time we were about to leave, I felt uncomfortable with my throat. It was near ten o’clock and we followed Cher Fong to the car park where he parked his bike before going to the MRT station.

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