Stoning on the Chair

Another late working night caused the exhaustion yet again. Sleeping at five in the morning and waking up before seven was a torture. I was breaking the rules again by bringing work home.

By the end of the day, I was beaten by the long hours of struggling and disappointments. I dragged my feet to the hall and sat by the side for some time before knocking off into deep sleep.

Mingfa woke me up soon and I got changed. The rest of them arrived in a while and after Mingfa settled the girls down, all of them went to jog while I stayed behind to train the newbies. It was pretty boring since there was nothing much to do before they could start to dig better. As usual, I exerted myself more than anyone of them.

After seven, Weitat, Mingli, Jingkun and I started playing two on two. I was completely a handicap with my sprained index finger because it affected me on digging when I could not hold my fingers together properly, and also, on both setting and spiking. The pain on my right shoulder somehow decided to kiss me again. Weitat and I won the first game but eventually lost when Mingfa took over Jingkun’s place.

When the real game started as our opponents arrived, I missed the first game. This day’s system was unlike Saturday’s one and we could not stay on for another game even if we won the first game; and therefore, we gave up after playing the second game and went for dinner at Clementi.

I reached home after eleven and soon, dozed off on the floor while watching Yudan’s show about “Zhuang Zi”. My mum woke me up at around three in the morning and I started stoning on the chair, half asleep and half deciding and choosing on what to do next – the exhaustion obviously killed many brain cells but my consistency on doing my work at late hours kept me struggling to stay awake. After some time, I finally gave up and went to brush my teeth before going to bed.

This was one of the very rare days which I would sleep for long hour; however, was not uninterrupted sleep.

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