The Longest Slide Ever

Last Friday after reaching home from work, I had a very short nap while waiting for my mum. We took bus to People’s Park Centre to fix my blue spectacle. The lady advised me to make a new pair instead but luckily the owner of the shop came over and told us it could be fixed. This doctor had been giving my whole family great discount over the past ten years.

We went to Swanston to get toothpaste. The Colgate ones came in three and cost around $5.20 and NTUC was selling the pack around two bucks more; Mustafa could be more expensive.

We went to Chinatown Complex’s hawker centre for the famous sting ray and it was the first day they changed the chilli, which put me in tears. Nevertheless, it was still delicious. The drinks stall auntie finally stopped boosting about putting twenty-five limes into the drinks.

I finally started washing the pair of shoes which was drenched totally by the sea water during the Dragon Boat trip weeks ago. I removed the pipe of the washing machine from the bathroom before the cleaning job, and went to bathe after that.

My brother got home and then later, I realised the washing machine was running. I was not sure if he or his girlfriend was using the bathroom and thus did not question him whether my mum had instructed him or either one of us had accidentally hit the button.

I was in front of my computer when there was loud noise from the washing machine, which usually happened when it was releasing the dirty water. Suddenly, I remembered I did not put back the end of the pipe to the bathroom and thus, I quickly dashed towards the kitchen, to slide like a soccer player over a distance within a second. I hit my elbows a little but my alertness did not save my shorts from being drenched.

The kitchen was flooded with water by then. So much for the chores to clear the water, my brother did together with me, and that I had to take a quick shower again.

The pros were that the kitchen had not been mopped for quite long already and that the slip was actually fun.

One advice for everyone is to choose the correct kitchen tiles to prevent slipperiness. The contractor who did the renovation for my house donkey years ago obviously used cheap materials.

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