Vivocity Island Café with Gilbert

I had another guilty afternoon, going to Vivocity with Gilbert. I actually told him I wanted to get a pair of jeans and thus he got me along. At least, I did not join his friends and him for the movie.

I was on time finally to meet up with him. The snail-like traffic almost increased my heartbeats to the DDR dancing pace along the journey. It was an unpleasant ride since waiting at the bus-stop where a family of big sized foreigners, standing around ten centimetres away, blocked my view completely at the bus-stop. After getting into the bus, I chose to stand and the three of them stood beside me and it was it a complete turn off. They alighted at Vivocity as well.

Anyway, I waited near the escalator for Gilbert and his two friends while glancing at a pretty babe at the investment booth. Shixin walked past with a guy and both of them were in white. I called for her but she did not hear me.

Gilbert came up to meet me first and his two friends arrived a minute later. His friends went for lunch while both of us went to walk around. First task was to find the AXS machine outside the cinema to collect the movie ticket but printing was unavailable. We were forced to go to the ticketing booth directly.

Gilbert tortured me with his fast pace throughout his shopping expedition. He tried hard to psycho me to get new clothes but of no result. Towards the end, I was walking ten steps behind him and he did not slow down for me who was so deprived of sleep. We finally stopped at the Island Café where Gilbert had his early dinner.


Viewing outside


His food

My drinks

It was not only my first visit to this café, but also the first time I ever noticed about its existence. We got seated at an empty table and started to wonder what we could get. A few minutes later, the waiter came over to take our order. I stared at Gilbert amazingly, showing him hand sign because my words were bitten off by the café’s ridiculous service. We asked for the menu and the waitress continued to stand there like an idiot; being kind enough, I told him to come back later since we had to take some time to look at the menu. I had a cup of iced cappuccino which came without ice. The idea of having separated syrup and the actual drink was good but somehow, I preferred the usual Coffeebean or Starbucks style of doing it for me.

The ambience was great except that there seemed to be a soon-to-be broken family a few tables away, partially blocked by a wall. The mum should be talking to her husband over the phone, screaming and blaming the other party for not going to fetch her. She was quite ridiculous and I quite pitied her child and another lady who was in the same table.

Gilbert and I had a long chat there. Luckily, the crazy woman did not stay as long as us and thus we could have a more peaceful evening discussing about our future plans. The lesson learnt for the day was to not meddle too much into other people’s ridiculousness. The waiter’s ultimate poor service and the crazy diner’s ungraciousness should not be affecting my mood. In fact, I was simply too bored and I was not getting worked up over all the nonsense.

It was near seven when we went up to the cinema to meet up with Gilbert’s two friends before I bid them goodbye. I did a little chasing of the bus and the feeling of the little run was great. I supposed I had to go down to my favourite place, Marina South Pier, soon while sweating it out.

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