Wee Wee Weiwen is an Adult

I was supposed to go to the beach on Sunday after missing from action for so many months, but I remembered promising Weiwen to attend his wedding dinner. My gang called off the plan somehow as well, probably because Weitat was in need of a new laptop and he was captivated by the IT fair at Suntec City.

Fook Min came over to fetch my brother and I but there was a change of plan and thus, we waited quite long by the road side. We went over to fetch Hubert at Henderson Road before speeding off towards Hilltop Garden Restaurant, Club CSC @ Bukit Batok (91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2, Singapore 659206).

I was impressed by the place, especially at the swimming pool view where families gathered to enjoy the man-made paradise. The beautiful place reminded me of Jurong East Swimming Complex, though was not as well designed, but kept memories of friends and laughers.


The pools areas seemed very happening…

Corridor of the dining hall

We were pretty lost in the early evening. Waiters and waitresses were preparing the tables, and we saw many young kids among the crews. All the unseen preparation work created a horror impact on me and I would never dream of being the central of attention in such occasion with such big hassle. In fact, it would never be my turn as I’m too weird and lousy a guy for any romance, and that I do not even have any career.

The stage

Meeting up with familiar but distant faces was a satisfaction. I even saw Wendy and Loraine and began chatting with them; and afterwards, I met Weirong before realising I was keeping his very outdated number. I did not know anyone within the table except for the two ladies, and thus, I felt very uncomfortable throughout the night.

The guests were very late and the dinner started at mid eight plus; this ugly Singaporeans’ bad habit disgusted me. I supposed the lonely lift and the cramp car park path did not cause the problem but the very stubborn wrong mindset of Singaporeans who thought wedding dinner ought to start much later than the stated time.

I had a cup of brandy given by Reuben, which was the second time I drank this year, and guilt strike me badly. He tossed me and I emptied the entire cup into my stomach, and soon, my face was blushing.

Bernard and Weiwen

Time to merlion soon

Everything seemed to go smoothly. The dinner ended before eleven and all guests started to disperse in the midst of my daydream. The bridegroom was then pressed by his “brothers”, including my elder brother, to drown himself in alcohol. The battle lasted for some time and they went to the toilet one by one.

My brother and I boarded Fook Min’s car, whereas Hubert accompanied the new family. Fook Min proved me the F1 race could really be conducted in Singapore at night and it was a great experience. My brother started to throw up upon reaching the car park while we waited for the bridegroom’s car to arrive to join in the party.

Fook Min dropped us downstairs our house where my brother continued partying while releasing the stinks.

It was already after one in the morning and I had missed my favourite “少年杨家将” show for the good sake.

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