Work Wise

Carrying computers simply reminded me of the army days.

Often, the person in charge of everything would not be an organised person, and thus causing extra work to be done. Though work could be frustrating and tiring, I would never run away.

“Let’s quickly leave so that they cannot find us.” – I really hate such childish and selfish thinking unless the boss is a pain in the ass. In another words, if your boss has been treating you very well and yet you are trying to escape from helping, what kind of animal are you? Logically thinking, there are works which you can luckily run away from it today but not the next day. And, if you have forgotten to bring your brain out of your house, you probably have to go home before you realise you are only a call away.

Since secondary school days, we have been taught that avoiding is never a good solution. You can either stand up and say no, or, just put simply put in your full effort to help. We have lived so long in this world to start realising what real men have to do.

I was glad that my superior did the right thing this time to task everyone to help out together, or otherwise, everyone in the office would definitely come to me directly because I was too stupid to not reject. Perhaps, some people would rather take kind people for granted, so as to reduce the number of them, making the group of them endangered and thus more valuable.

I wanted to stay behind to buck up on my pending work as everyone was leaving; but I suddenly came to sense, realising my plan to continue with work would only land me with extra works which I did not know how to turn away. For the first time at work place I was so wise to make the correct decision, to rather go home to continue, or at least rest or play.

I gave volleyball a miss since I wanted to go and get my spectacle fixed, and that I had already spent two nights this week playing volleyball, which made me guilty.

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