It was such a good experience to witness liars who stood bravely, strongly, and self proclaiming their honesty at the loose of their tails.

If nothing were to be done, black paint would soon be out of stock in the society.

If you want to rot your life away, in the hope of running away from the reality, you are no different from an ostrich. If something has to be done, do it.

Sick at the Absence of my Mum

I’m being haunted with flu, cough and occasionally headache or giddiness. It has been a long week since I begin the battle against them but eventually they have defeated me.

The worst thing is that my mum and younger brother have left for Thailand and thus, there is no one to take good care of me, or at least, to even nag at me to take panadol.

My elder brother have done much more than I have expected, with the bread he bought on the very first night, followed by a bowl noodle on the second night. He washed the dishes and I even realised he and his girlfriend had done the laundry, which was really amazing.

Mingfa's Birthday – Zoo, Orchard KTV, Newton

I started my previous Sunday unusually early. Knowing that it was a special day, I presumed nobody would be late and thus, I made an effort to be on time and even had the chance to top up my Ez-link card and also withdraw money.

Mingfa and Shirley picked Mingli up before coming over to Jurong East MRT to meet me. Then, we waited for Weitat before going to Mingen’s place at Choa Chu Kang. Next, we proceeded to the Singapore Zoological Garden. I was not very interested in fact since I had been there two years ago with Fatty Si and there would not be many changes; I joined my gang mainly because I did not want to be a wet blanket.

Just as I thought we could get at least some staff discounts, Fatty Si told me she was not working there anymore but luckily Mingen had the privilege from his friend.

Poor Mingen was still having diarrhoea. We had brunch at KFC while waiting for Jingkun. For as much as I hesitated to bring a bag along due to the weight, my decision eventually proved me hopeless; a small pouch was actually sufficient and that it would not pose much problem to my feet. The sudden additional weight almost twisted my mood completely.

The sky was grey and I hesitated again, however, they decided to proceed. It started pouring heavily upon we passed the gate. Luckily, the weather pardoned us soon and that we were able to make our ways around the zoo in the merciful tiny raindrops.

We covered only slightly more than half of the trip I had with Peisi, missing out the most internal part at the pony area, the hot ass baboons, butterflies and bats, and some other animals. We missed all the shows and we were especially disgusted for we made it on time for the elephants show except that the crowd blocked our visions.

After the excursion, we went to Orchard for karaoke session. I took Jingkun’s car at the front seat for the first time. Tiffany joined us at the Orchard’s Party World but she and Mingen did not join us after the singing session.

The rest of us had dinner at Newton. I should have asked them to go to Chinatown instead. Anyway, the sugarcane juice from the drinks stall facing the car park totally sucked for it was simply tasteless, which was the worst sugarcane juice I had ever had. The lady helped us to replace the cups but there was not much difference.

After dinner, Jingkun sent me home.

NP Meet-up and Mingfa's Early Birthday Celebration

One of my busiest weekends was last Saturday. There was not much time to enjoy myself enough before the meet-up with my ex polytechnic classmates. Just as I was about to leave my house, Mingli called me to ask me get a cake for Mingfa; I was quite lost at first since I was already running out of time and that I did not know what time I would get home. It took me quite a while to remember that the cake shop at my neighbourhood was opening for throughout the night. I quickly rushed down to order a black forest cake and told the girl that I would collect it at night.

My eventful weekends started.

Meeting up with my ex comrades was great for it was always my wish to gather with my old friends occasionally. It was all because of my laziness to leave my house and lack of concentration to accomplish my work that I had neglected so many friends.

Benson made this gathering possible. As predicted, he brought his DSLR camera and even his tripod stand along and I was so ashamed to take out my old camera from my bag. After loitering around for a while, we proceeded to Breeks at Harbourfront where the rest started to join up with us. Somehow, we felt weird that the crews did not greet us like how they welcomed the rest of the customers. I made the same old order.

After the lunch, Yongming left us with his girlfriend. The rest of us went to Vivocity to walk around and eventually stopped at a café where we had to spend some time battling with the waitress to allow us to pull more sofa chairs over. The drinks were expensive but quite big in the serving.

Benson started playing with his two-month old baby and the flashes hit a foreign gentleman who was indulging in his book in the once quiet place. He was gone after some time.

The temptation of owning a DSLR camera multiplied. It was probably due to the fact that my old Olympus D-750 was too old that the image quality, focus speed, start up speed and recovering speed between shots were too backdated that I felt the urge for a better equipment.

We went to the Sky Garden and took group pictures before we parted.

It was after ten when I got home, Mingli informed me that she and Weitat were on their way to my place. I joined them downstairs fifteen minutes later and collected the cake. Then, we proceeded to the Hong Kong Café at East Coast Park to meet up with Mingfa, Mingen and Tiffany. Mingfa looked tired, whereas Mingen was having bad diarrhoea.

Black Forest Cake 0.5KG

Lighting the candles


with the birthday boy

Fortunate Mingfa with Tiffany and Mingli

Make a wish

Blowing the candle

Busy man cutting cake

Group picture – Mingen, Tiffany, Mingfa, Mingli, Weitat, Kailun

We began hiding the cake at the cashier and bringing it out after midnight. It was not very romantically done. By then, we were already full and thus did not eat much of the cake.

Dine at Vivocity's Dian Xiao Er

I woke up in tranquillity last Friday morning; the stay-over at Weitat’s house allowed me to stay more refreshing than usual, though sleeping hours were still insufficient, but at least better than my usual nights.

Towards the short-term release of tiredness, I struggled through the morning in slight blessing. There were not many things I could do in my disappointment after struggling for weeks.

Both my guardian angel and Thiru eventually confirmed their departure. I held some reserve for them to leave, but in the view of a better prosper, I had to give them my best blessing.

Anyway, after work, Jingkun drove us to Clementi to pick up his girlfriend before proceeding to Vivocity. We began with some cold sweat but luckily things turned out alright.

Dinner was at “Dian Xiao Er” restaurant and that was my first attempt, which was a great experience except for the price was really shocking. It was good to dine with Jingkun’s girlfriend and get to know each other better, such that both of them could join us in future outings together more often.

We did some little window shopping together before I got ready to recuperate from the exhausting week.