Bad Week and More to Come

For the past week, Weitat went for reservist and it was quite boring without him, especially when there was no one staying with me when staying back late at work. In the absence of so many people, the usual Thursday’s volleyball game was cancelled.

There were too many worries at work as it required more than efforts. I almost completed a small website which database was involved, but it seemed that I was overdoing my work as probably few people would appreciate. My MSN and email were killers.

My best friend turned hyperactive and bugged me throughout day and night, and the aching placed me on bed when I got home, to doze off early and wake up after midnight. Very often, I had to put my hand at the back to push it forward to reduce the pain.

I was harsh to my throat as well. Being such a lousy owner of my own body, it would not take me long to lose my voice. It could be one of the reasons why I was too lazy to even talk during leisure time.

I missed the volleyball show “球爱大战” on channel 8 for the first three episodes. As a volleyball lover, nobody would probably expect this.

There was no time to continue with my new website, not even to maintain my existing blogs.

The week did not begin well and it would not be any better in near to come.

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