Dinner and Shopping at Jurong Point

The first day of work for the week poured exhaustion into me. I repeated the same mistake of wasting time and money to join my gang for dinner at Jurong Point. I had too many unfinished work to handle and the peer pressure was placing me into further suffocation.

Initially we planned to go to Vivocity, which was much nearer to my house but Mingfa seemed to be shagged and thus we quickly changed the plan and alighted from bus 963 to switch to bus 154. It seemed to be a long journey that I started dozing off soon.

This picture does not do the big portion of fish well enough. Better picture next time!

After strolling around and biting of waffles, we met up with Mingfa at the food court where I had one of the largest plates of fish and chips ever. Quantity was its only pro and eating too much of the hard fish was simply tiring; it ridiculously cost six bucks, which the highest price you could ever find in a normal food court.

We continued walking around the shopping centre and Mingfa bought an ankle guard which cost over hundred dollars.

I had a tiring journey home in the train and eventually dozed off before I could do much work.

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