Jingkun's Chalet at Changi Safra Resort

Last Tuesday, I continued to be drained during work. There was a limit to how I could help others but nothing could be done if one did not wish to help himself.

Right after work, Weitat drove Mingli and I to meet up with Mingfa at Clementi. We enjoyed waffles bought by Mingfa. Weitat had his existing identification card sized photo reprinted, which was a waste of money for the costly price and lousy quality. We wanted to get some rice but none of the stalk owners wanted to sell us.

Next, we proceeded straight to Jingkun’s chalet at Changi Safra Resort. Our initial plan was to play bowling or indulge ourselves in other facilities available. The steamboat set refused to give us warm food and I ended up eating only a fishball, a piece of vegetable and three seventy-percent done prawns peeled by Mingli.

We called for pizza and decided to cancel it for they called us back to inform of that it would require around one and a half hour delivering our order over. Later on, we called back to resume the order.

As Jingkun and his girlfriend left to pick their friends up, the remaining four of us started playing mahjong. It was not long before the pizza delivery man arrived and caught us by surprise. The couple returned with their friends and the mahjong game stopped. I had only two pieces of pizzas to fill my stomach and afterwards, the ice-cream made the night.

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