Dine at Vivocity's Dian Xiao Er

I woke up in tranquillity last Friday morning; the stay-over at Weitat’s house allowed me to stay more refreshing than usual, though sleeping hours were still insufficient, but at least better than my usual nights.

Towards the short-term release of tiredness, I struggled through the morning in slight blessing. There were not many things I could do in my disappointment after struggling for weeks.

Both my guardian angel and Thiru eventually confirmed their departure. I held some reserve for them to leave, but in the view of a better prosper, I had to give them my best blessing.

Anyway, after work, Jingkun drove us to Clementi to pick up his girlfriend before proceeding to Vivocity. We began with some cold sweat but luckily things turned out alright.

Dinner was at “Dian Xiao Er” restaurant and that was my first attempt, which was a great experience except for the price was really shocking. It was good to dine with Jingkun’s girlfriend and get to know each other better, such that both of them could join us in future outings together more often.

We did some little window shopping together before I got ready to recuperate from the exhausting week.

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