Great World City, Raffles City, National Library

On the last day of last weekends, I wanted to rush my work but my mum and younger brother wanted to have lunch outside. They had gotten a thirty-dollar voucher for Crystal Jade from Starhub. For the lack of time I had spent with my family, I decided to join them.

We boarded bus 75 and alighted at Great World City. Soon, we found ourselves at the reception of the Crystal Jade Kitchen. After waiting for ten minutes, we were put to sit at the first table near the door. After having a tough time deciding what to eat, the waitress started to point out that the dishes we had chosen were sold out already. For the dim sum menu, almost everything except my mum’s pork leg was crossed out. We did not enjoy the meal for we expected much better quality of food. The bill exceeded twenty bucks more than the free voucher.

After the much disappointing meal, we shopped around the shopping centre. My younger brother decided to take the shutter bus to wherever place it would drop us at. While waiting, we witnessed a pathetic cab driver brushing his car at the back of another cab and started laughing while both of them came out of their cars.

We eventually reached Cityhall and my brother tried to please my mum with the donuts at the Donut Factory. I tried the latest flavour “Chococcino”, which was good and it was not long before my lips were messed up. We proceeded to the National Library where my brother borrowed books using my account and I also grabbed a book on “MySQL”.

It was around evening when we reached home and it was just nice to catch the show “太王四神记”.

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