Irritating, Brainless, Daydreaming, Skinny, Nuisance Parrot

If you have spent your sleeping working and tried hard to step into the office early just to continue with your work, and before you could boot up your laptop, a nuisance comes to you and insists to give you instructions on something instantly, how would you feel?

If this problem child has been trying hard to squeeze every single drop of helpfulness out of you, and that you have donated so much time in the midst of your work to help him, which has caused disputes among you and your friends, and that it is so obvious that some others are actually idling around most of the time, how would you feel?

If you have told this loner to wait for the rest to arrive because a couple of them are actually selfish assholes who have no integrity and would love to take salary without working, and that they will not listen to your instructions due to same status, yet this moron turns a deaf ear and persists on like a parrot, how would you feel?

If this sickening, irritating, low intelligent parrot refuses to wait for twenty more minutes for others’ arrival to brief together, stating that he has no time afterwards, even though all of you have to attend the same meeting together later, indirectly assuming that you have no work to do, how would you feel?

If this brainless daydreaming skinny monkey tries to be funny, asking you to carry some heavy furniture when large giants are around to do the job, how would you feel?

Such idiots are killing the good willed hardworking workers who try to go early for work.

You have three weeks of long holidays but some people are going back to work almost every day. If you have a tight deadline, why you cannot commit and go back to settle them a day earlier?

Human beings tend to become selfish that they would only fare for themselves even at the cost of others’ inconvenience or lost. They become so self-centred that they always take things for granted.

I do not like to push responsibilities around and I will offer my help to anyone whenever possible. I prefer to do things by myself and always try not to bother others; even when I need to take anything besides anyone, I would rather go over myself than to instruct him to help me. I am just too different from everyone else that somehow I cannot fit into any group. Everyone has their own limit to their tolerance and mine may be higher than others’, it does not mean that I am a saint.

I lost my cool again. I could only blame myself for being overfriendly before knowing anyone too well. I hated myself for my naïve thoughts of helping every single animal.

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